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Neurofeedback can help...
  • ​​​ADHD
  • ​Anxiety 
  • ​Migraines
  • ​Sleep Issues
  • ​Peak Performance
  • Memory, Concussions, Depression & More
Many mainstream "treatments" put a band-aid on the problem to temporarily cover it up...

Neurofeedback gets to the root of the problem and offers a non-invasive, drug-free solution that lasts.
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Qualifying candidates, who decide to move forward, will be able to receive the Brain Map for a reduced rate which includes a comprehensive QEEG Brain Mapping, a detailed report of findings and an in-person consultation with a certified technician.

In order to focus our resources and help our clients to the highest level, our clinic only accepts a few patients each month. (Accepting 10 new patients this month) 
Some Neurofeedback Success Stories...
Overcoming ADHD With Neurofeedback
Overcoming Anxiety With Neurofeedback
Overcoming Depression With Neurofeedback
Don't just live with it...
In only 2-3 months time, your brain could be functioning at it's highest level. 

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